Hiring phase

How to hire people and where to find them?

Whom do you need to start your project?

Ok, we have the Shiba Inu meme token with an awesome logo and we need to hire a team to start project development.
NFTs' Skill points TBA
To start a successful project your team must have at least 5 members:
  1. 1.
    Project owner - mainly responsible for Concept entries
  2. 2.
    Contract developer - mainly responsible for Contract entries
  3. 3.
    Marketing manager - mainly responsible for Marketing entries
  4. 4.
    Moderator - mainly responsible for Community trust entries
  5. 5.
    Designer - mainly responsible for Design entries
  6. 6.
    Game-Fi developer - mainly responsible for Concept and Contract entries
More about team members, their levels, rarity, and solo work (manager step) timings you can read here.
Warning: If you've chosen a Game-Fi token you must have a game developer

How to find talents?

There are two ways of hiring them. Team members are presented as NFTs in our game so, you should buy them on our website or on LootEx, or receive them during community events.
Tokenarium marketplace -​
They all have specific rarity, levels and skills levels that affect the speed of earning game points and the speed of filling the presale up.
After getting at least 5 members you are ready to play the game!

How do they work?

During 5 (6 if you hire a Game-Fi developer) stages of the project, each employee is staked till the end of presale and generates a random amount of specific points that will indicate the project's success. After a chosen employee (manager) has generated his points (manager step), the whole team starts to generate these points together (team step).
Manager step
Team step
These 2 steps repeat 5 times. We call it the development stage.