Presale phase & one-time income

It's a peace of cake, but...
Now we have collected all the development points we can. We made a marketing campaign. We set presale parameters. Now we are ready to be sold out.

How presale works

After pressing the start button the presale starts filling. The time remaining to fill it depends on the development points you earned. So it may take 1 hour or 1-month f.e.

Presale has filled

Congratulations you earned some money from the rest part of your liquidity and you will be earning passively some amount of $Tokenarium Payout Points.
After Finishing the Presale you will earn $Tokenarium Payout points + your employees will receive skill points.
The next step is Exchanging Tokenarium Payout Points to $TKNRM. You will be able to exchange them on the next day (from 01:00 UTC+).
How to claim your reward - FAQ (Click on Payout page)