Good to know: Presale is the only way to earn $Tokenarium and level up your employees

Each point earned will affect the time of presale filling up. So, invest more in marketing, practice using Voice chats (TBD), and use Launchpads (TBD) with high points bonus.

Basis presale timing

The math here works almost the same as with the solo work periods of employees. The basis timing of filling up is 2 678 400 sec (31 days). So if you have 0 development points your presale will end in 31 days. That's so. But if you have more the 0 development points, and we guess you will have them, the presale will fill up faster.

Here is an example. So, you have 321 points earned in total. Divide 2 678 400 sec (basis timing) on 321 (entries earned). You will get 8343 sec, that's equal to 139 minutes.

Liquidity multiplier

Then, we have multipliers that are affected by Liquidity % and the Hardcap.

Example: if you have 70% liquidity your the time will be multiplied by 0,81. So, we take 139 minutes, multiply 0,81, and we get 113 minutes now to fill the presale up. So being greed is not good for timings.

Hardcap multiplier

Hardcap multiplier works the same as liquidity multiplier.

Example: if you have the Hardcap, equals number between 4 960 and 5 000, you will have to multiply 136 minutes on 4. It's 544 minutes (9 hours 4 minutes).

That's how it works. So be patient with all the presale parameters, make sure you have enough development points, use solid play marketing and a good launchpad.

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