Good to know: Pumping your token is a good way to earn passively more.

So after your token is listed it will dump. But when and how to control it?

We have several parameters for that too.

Liquidity multiplier

During this time you will earn $Tokenarium from the rewards pool. The rewards are also affected by all parameters mentioned in this document. These numbers may be changed after some time.


Good to know: We collect all the actual NFTs here

But you still have a chance to give your token another life. You can use boosters. It will cost some $Tokenarium but it will affect your passive earning too. The boosters will have 5 types of rarity. Some of them can make your token like a Shiba Inu. You may use the booster unlimited times.

But the result of boosting % also depends on Development points and booster rarity. F.e., the booster has a chance to increase your token's life cycle from 1 to 5 days (depends on booster rarity).

Hereunder we provide the sheet of how a common rarity booster increases your daily passive income.

Booster effectiveness will lower daily until it comes to 0%.

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